New pain killer Zohydro feared the new Oxycontin for abuse

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A new pain-killer called Zohydro is already causing controversy and it’s not even on the market yet. The painkiller is 10 times more powerful than the drug Vicodin, which is a narcotic medication for pain that has hydrocodone and Tylenol together in pill form. The new drug Zohydro will contain the same narcotic hydrocodone found in Vicodin, but in higher dosages and in a time released pill form. Drug addiction specialists voice their concerns already about the potential use for this new drug’s abuse, as it’s similar to the drug Oxycontin which is a highly abused drug today.

The pain-killer that’s on the top of the list for abuse today is Oxycontin. Oxycontin is the same type of narcotic medication used in making the painkiller Percocet. Percocet has the narcotic oxycodone and non narcotic Tylenol together in pill form. Depending on the milligram, Oxycontin comes up to 16 times the strength of a 5 mg oxycodone pill. While Percocet is a faster acting drug, Oxycontin is time released. According to Walgreen Pharmacy’s website, Oxcontin is available in 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg and 80 mg pill. At 80 mgs the Oxycontin pill is 16 times stronger than a 5 mg Percocet.

Zohydro will be the hydrocodone version of the Oxycontin pill, as the manufacturer takes the narcotic hydrcodone and putting it in an extended release tablet like the Oxycontin. While the milligram dosages for this new Zohydro medication haven’t been released as of yet, it will most likely follow suit to something like its predecessor Oxycontin, according to Fox News Health.

The projected worries about Zohydro come mirrored in the worries of the drug Oxycontin’s use for abuse today. While the first pills of Oxycontin found drug abusers crushing and snorting the pills or crushing, dissolving them in water and then injecting them, the drug manufacturer developed a pill that’s harder to crush and dissolve, which is the way Oxycontin’s dispensed today.

Still people who abuse this drug find their way around this. The Oxycontin pill’s reformulated to turn to a gel form if it’s crushed and dissolved in water, rendering it impossible as an injectable. Again, determined abusers of this drug have found other ways to get around the harder to crush and dissolve pill.

The down side of these high milligram extended release narcotic pill is the fact that people abuse this to get a quick high, which is extremely dangerous, but when used correctly the pill works wonders for people in chronic pain. It’s also used for people in acute intense pain from accidents or after surgeries for a short period of time.

Oxycontin is a dangerous drug, as its potential for an overdose if not taken correctly is high. Fatalities from Oxycontin make the headline news often, as these tiny pills don’t seem like they contain enough narcotic medication to do harm, but they do if crushed or dissolved. Even in its higher milligram dosages, an overdose could occur without crushing the pill, if the person taking the drug is new to the medication.

Narcotic drug abusers build up a tolerance for the medication, where after time the abuser needs to take more medication to achieve the high they’re seeking. The pills which block pain also deliver a sense of euphoria and a false sense of well-being, which is the effect drug abusers seek out from these drugs. The new drug Zohydro’s expected in pharmacies by early 2013.

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