New Photos from the ‘Man of Steel’ Set!

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After the recent reveal of Russell Crowe in Kryptonian costume as Jor-El, suddenly a slew of super (unofficial) photos have flown from the “Man of Steel” set in Vancouver. Get ready for some imagery that some Superman purists might consider sacrilege.

Check out Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Note her flowing red hair. Yes, that’s Lois Lane, not Lana Lang. When director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan said this would be a different kind of Superman flick, they weren’t joking. Ultimately, the hair color won’t matter so long as Adams captures the fiery Lois Lane spirit (which would tie in with the red locks).

Now take a look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent. Hardly the prim, bespectacled mild-mannered lad familiar from the comics and movies. This guy looks like a drifter with the heavy coat, scraggly beard and bare feet. Not that bare feet would bother Supes. But how will he shave his beard? With heat vision and a mirror, like in the comics? (Or maybe Gillette will have a Kryptonite Razor promotional tie-in.)

Cavill’s appearance as Clark Kent in these photos likely takes place in an earlier part of the story where the character is wandering about and “finding” himself. This would fit in with Christopher Nolan’s approach in “Batman Begins.” Bruce Wayne wandered the world like a hobo as he searched for his own answers before finding the Bat-path.

Whether audiences agree with the choices made about “Superman Man of Steel” won’t be known until June 14, 2013 when the film premieres. But as more information and photos leak from the “Man of Steel” set, it looks like this just might be the first flick since “Superman II” that does the character cinematic justice.

How do you think the “Man of Steel” is shaping up? Do you think this version of Superman will live up to all the high expectations?

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