New Photos Show Casey Anthony Enjoying Her Freedom

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Casey Anthony will likely never go away completely. In fact, some new photos of her have surfaced over the past week, but that isn’t the only update in the Tot Mom saga. It seems that there might be some work available for the extra ambitious bounty hunter and Casey is the intended mark!

Casey Anthony Beach Photo

You read that right. There is a price on Casey’s head and it’s around $50,000! This bounty isn’t for the formerly accused child murderer to be killed or anything, however, but is instead for her information. That includes her address or any information related to some of her recent outings.

The new photos of Tot Mom show just how much the woman is enjoying her life outside of the Orange County jail she called home for around three years. One pic shows her lounging with a book by the beach — a sight she might not have ever seen again had she been convicted of her daughter’s murder. Indeed, to some this woman is a hero who barely beat the odds against a twisted and broken justice system.

To the rest of the world, and that’s the majority, this is a woman who most likely got away with the murder of her own child, a woman who made a mockery of the justice system with her lies and theatrics. Do you think she thinks about Caylee at all as she reads on the beach?

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip

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