New Pippa Middleton Bikini Pictures Revealed!

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New photos of Prince William and Kate and Pippa Middleton on holiday have surfaced and are sure to add fuel to the fire when it comes to the popularity of Pippa’s backside.

In the pictures, the new Royal Couple are joined by family and friends on a yachting holiday in Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. Kate and Pippa Middleton wear revealing white bikinis, while Prince William and James Middleton, Kate and Pippa’s brother, wear colorful swim trunks.

P is seen performing a graceful backwards dive into the beautiful Mediterranean water, but Will isn’t quite as good a gymnast as his sister-in-law. He attempts a back flip off the side of the yacht but bungles it badly, belly flopping into the ocean as Kate looks on in amusement.

Already these photos are showing up on the many Pippa Middleton fan sites which have sprung up since the Royal Wedding. She looks toned and lovely in her white bikini, and best of all (though overlooked by most coverage of these photos) the entire family group looks happy and at ease with each other. They may all be family, but they are clearly friends first.

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