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Clown Car

I cinch my Harvard colors into an
impeccable Windsor knot.
Italian silk drapes from
my shoulders like skin.
I am ready for my debut.

The heady aroma of
horse dung and popcorn
fills my lungs like
ten-year-old Scotch
as I enter the ring.

Sirens wailing,
the clown car bursts
through the gate in a torrent
of rubber and greasepaint
raising dust like a stampede.

Sparky careens around the
elephants on two wheels.
Bobo totters in the sunroof
flapping his arms and honking.
I know what I must do.

I shoot my cuffs, adjust my tie.
Deus Ex Machina, I whisper
as I throw myself under the wheels.
I have never been happier.
The world is mine.


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