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Egostatic Fluffery

The flustrated poetaster versified thus:

“I have used ev’ry word in th’ vocabulary

I’ve used rhinovirus and rhinoceros,

Beleaguered, adroit, and constabulary.

I’ve said Solomonic and legerdemain,

Archetypal and paradigmatic,

I’ve used them again and again and again,

‘Til I’ve got absotively fragmatic.

There’s just nothing left but to make up some more,

Lest I run out of words alsoever.

What’s cool is I don’t rack my brain anyfor,

And the meaning is mine to assever.

I previsage I’m liable to peredignations

Of being a flibbertigific,

As I grabricate words from my magickination,

In order to wax more prolific.

But if I’m having trouble abstuting a rhyme

Or in getting a stanza to scanalyze,

I need but inscriptize a coinage sublime,

And rely on my readers to analyze.”



© 2011 Douglas J. Westberg. All Rights Reserved.  Please share this on, and elsewhere on the web by means of a link back to this page, but please do not copy.  Doug’s latest book is The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom from Chipmunka Publishing


Wednesday’s Prompt:

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