New Poem: The Deluge

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A wall of water fifty fathoms high

Appeared on the horizon to my horror,

Created when a distant mountainside

Dissolved into the ocean with a roar.


It was as if the Great Bull in the sky,

Stampeding in a herd with thousands more,

Had been turned loose upon the countryside

To trample and engulf the valley floor.


I did not flinch, betraying no alarm,

Ignored the screaming of the panicked throng.

Resolved to meet the deluge face to face,


I gathered my beloved in my arms,

Releasing tears she’d dammed up for so long,

As, sobbing, she dissolved in my embrace.


© 2011 Douglas J. Westberg. All Rights Reserved.  Please share this on, and elsewhere on the web by means of a link back to this page, but please do not copy.   Doug’s latest book is The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom from Chipmunka Publishing


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57 year old musician, poet, father of 4 grown children, composer, recording artist, author, humorist, survivor. I'm thoughtful, introspective, introverted, open, scathingly honest about myself, creative, a Renaissance guy, willing to grow and change and

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