New Poker Face book reveals Lady Gaga’s Dangerous Dieting Habits

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A shocking new “Poker Face” book from Lady Gaga reveals her dangerous dieting habits.  The biography apparently exposes her struggles with an eating disorder including the unhealthy practices Gaga used while touring.  It adds even more bizarre behavior to the singer’s already growing list.

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 13: (NO ARCHIVES/EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Recording artist Lady Gaga performs during a stop of The Monster Ball Tour at the MGM Grand Garden Arena August 13, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The singer is touring in support of the album, 'The Fame Monster.' (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

According to, Lady Gaga’s dangerous diet habits resulted in her being hospitalized at least six times in 2009.  This comes from her former manager David Ciemny who notes “she was sick, I mean physically and mentally,” and says Gaga went to great lengths to get into her various costumes on stage.  He recalls that during tours she would binge on sweets or unhealthy food for a bit, then stop eating for weeks just to fit into those outfits.  At one time it is believed she lost as many as 20lbs on the non-eating diet.

All of these stories and more will be revealed in the brand new book called “Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga.”  Obviously the bad dietary habits aren’t anything new in terms of celebrities, and although Gaga is said to be quite bizarre, this sounds like a “cry for help.”  It’s interesting to hear an ex-manager talk about seeing Lady Gaga do what she did, and you have to wonder how anyone tried to intervene if at all.  If they didn’t then, let’s hope someone is helping her now she doesn’t go on a downward spiral like other famous musicians have, abusing drugs and their health.


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