New Poll Shows Romney With 14 Point Middle-Class Edge

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Mitt Romney is always getting slammed for being a rich guy, but it doesn’t seem to be harming him with middle-class voters. A new poll from Politico (hardly a Mitt spokespiece), is giving the former Massachusetts governor a stark 14-percentage point advantage over President Obama with average Americans.

Of course, Obama’s class war strategy is not resonating with ordinary people. These folks work hard, follow the rules, and don’t expect handouts from the government. They also don’t hate rich people, simply because they are more successful.

Over the last four years, middle-income earners have experienced the awful confluence of wage stagnation and rising inflation. The current economic trend is unsustainable, and they know the nation is going down the wrong track. What’s more, Obama has tacked on an additional $6 trillion in debt, which won’t be repaid for generations.

According to this new survey, Obama is holding onto a slight overall lead, but Romney is winning by-a-mile with the middle-class. In fact, 55 percent of those polled said the Republican is better able to guide the country out of this morass.

File:Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 6.jpgWhat should really make the Obama people nervous is that half of these people also give the president’s foreign policy a thumbs-down, and a whopping 61 percent believe he spends too much money.

Independents gave Obama a shot in 2008, because of the anger at George Bush, and the fecklessness of John McCain’s campaign. These are the people who decide presidential elections, and it’s tough to imagine the Democratic incumbent beating Mitt Romney without their support.

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