New Pope: ‘Sky Angel’ Appears Over South Florida

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Hundreds of South Floridians saw a giant angel appear in the sky over their homes Wednesday, after Cardinal Bergoglio became the first pope to hail from South America. Was this a message from the Almighty, or are these people just seeking to find meaning in anything?

Pictures are now all over the Internet, showing a giant cloud formation over West Palm Beach, resembling a seraph with his arms outstretched. People instinctively roll their eyes, when they hear about a devout Christian seeing the visage of Jesus on a piece of toast, or in their Corn Flakes, but these new photos might just make a believer out of you.

They are truly remarkable. They look as if they were snapped around sunset, because the angel cloud is reflecting red light off the sun. It’s just so eerie, that this image appeared hours after Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was named the new pope by the papal conclave.

What is your opinion about these pictures? Was this truly an angel, heralding the ascension of the first Latin American pope?

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