New Projects Bring Naomi Judd Back to Some Bad Memories

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Although she seems like the quintessential Southern mom, comforting her family with food and fun in a down-home way, Naomi Judd is embarrassed actually by a lot of the information getting out about her early life as a mom to Wynonna and Ashley. “I was horrible when Ashley was a kid,” she proclaimed when asked by Us Weekly about her daughter, actress Ashley Judd’s book, All That is Bitter and Sweet. The memoir describes Naomi Judd as a woman who infused Ashley’s life with “trauma, abandonment, addiction and shame.” Yikes!

The 65-year-old country star has a reputation for being beautiful and kind, but firm and resolute when it comes to her family and their public personas. However, with a reality series on the OWN Network and Ashley’s book coming out at the same time, the airwaves are replete with accusations against Mama Judd and the difficult situations the family found themselves in when the hillbilly singing group became a national sensation in the 80s. However, Ashley claims that her book was due to come out well before the other members of the family signed up with Oprah to do their tour/reality series.

Some of the accusations against Naomi Judd by her youngest child, including a “constant flow of pot in the house, sexual abuse at the hands of a neighbor and more,” according to a source, has Wynonna feeling stuck between her mom and her sister. She has made no specific statement regarding whether or not she confirms or refutes her sister’s statements. Naomi Judd, however, is trying to muster a good attitude about all this bad press.



A source claimed to Us Weekly, however, that the duo is crazy mad about the fact that this book is out at the same time as their show. Wynonna, the older sister, has told Us that she is in an “unbearable place between two women that [she] really [loves].” Naomi hasn’t made any allegations to refute either side at this point.

Do you think these things are true? Why would Ashley Judd go on record against her own mother if it isn’t truthful?

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