New ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise Offers a Star Implicated in Murders

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Canada is getting its own The Real Housewives show as the most outspoken and dramatic women of Vancouver, British Columbia will be sharing their lives on the small screen starting next month on the Slice Network. And the women in the U.S. cities have set the standard high in terms of drama, crime, and betrayal, so it is only natural that producers want to find the most dramatic wives and husbands. And it seems they did just that as one of the women’s lover has been linked to some notorious crimes.

Reiko MacKenzie, a Canadian-American housewife, is currently married to a ‘soft-spoken venture capitalist’ writes the show’s producers on the official website according to Wetpaint Entertainment. This husband remains incognito in her official show biography, but the Vancouver Sun did some digging and found out that this The Real Housewives of Vancouver was once acquitted for murder!

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His name is Sun MacKenzie, but has also been known as Sun News Lal and Sun News MacKenzie. The fact that one person is known by several names should already raise some red flags. It turns out that this husband was a suspect in the 1994 murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh, murders that took place in a ‘turf war’ between drug gangs. So this housewife’s husband was also caught up in the drug world of Vancouver. To top it off, this double-murder is one of the most well-known gang-related murders in Canadian history. It sounds juicy!

Did this housewife husband really think this through? His entire past will be plastered on the small screen, and even though he was acquitted over 10 years ago, he is still linked to the horrific crime that made history.

Hopefully, the other women know about his past, just in case this housewife gets angry! No one wants to mess with a suspect’s wife.

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