New Release: A Hero’s Journey (Tales of the Scarlet Knight Vol #1)

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After months of editing and then waiting, my first non-self-published book is now available!  Right now it’s only in eBook format, but there should be a print version in a few months.  Anyway, it’s just $2.99, which is less than a gallon of gas most places.

A Hero’s Journey is the first of eight in my Tales of the Scarlet Knight series.  It’s about a young woman, Dr. Emma Earl, who finds a suit of magic plate armor that gives her some cool superpowers like augmented strength and speed, plus the ability to turn invisible.  With the armor she has to save Rampart City–and the world–from the evil Black Dragoon.

If you like comics or superhero movies or just action stories in general, then download a copy today!  You can buy it from the publisher’s website, but it’s also on Amazon and B&N and possibly other retailers as well.

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