New Research: Seasonal Allergies Increase Risk of Depression

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Do seasonal allergies increase risk for depression? According to researchers, yes, it could be your allergies that are causing your mood to fluctuate. Springtime is a happy time with the weather warming up, but for a growing number of people allergies are getting them down.

Research proves that allergies now affect about 36 million Americans. With that many people affected by allergies, there is an awful lot of sneezes going around.

Dr. Paul Ratner explained that seasonal allergies do not only cause physical side effects, but mental ones, too. Ratner stated that there are physiological explanations for “the blues'” during allergy season.

When you come into contact with an allergen, mediators are released into your system, which result in a reduction of serotonin in your blood; without this “feel good” hormone, depression can occur.

Ratner now believes that a new product will help keep patients from suffering from seasonal allergies. He doesn’t think that nasal steroids or medications are good, because he believes that they cause mood swings. The new product is “Prehistin,” and it can be purchased without a prescription.

The allergy product dissolves underneath the tongue and is made up of a combination of vitamin B-12 products. Ratner said that the product can be purchased at CVS pharmacies.

Dr. Paul Marshall, neuropsychologist at Hennepin County Medical Center, explained that allergies double the risk for people suffering from them. However, if you have seen an allergist then your risk is tripled because of the medications that are given to you.

WouldnÂ’t you think that an allergist would help you rather than put you at risk for depression? Half the time, people take medications with side effects that are worse than their original condition.

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