New review for The Gentle Wind’s Caress

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Lovely review on Amazon for The Gentle Wind’s Caress.
Anne Brear writes authentic Victorian sagas which draw you into Victorian Yorkshire life. I didn’t want to put this one down. Isabelle Gibson is buffeted by fate after her father leaves

the family and her mother dies. She is left with a younger brother to care for. The private workhouse proves a lifeline, until the matron’s son makes unwanted advances. The suggestion of an arranged marriage is welcome and Isabelle grabs it. But her husband is no hero. Isabelle is a plucky character. Wise and capable but vulnerable too. She finds herself on a leased and ramshackle farm and works hard to improve it. Ethan, the gentleman who owns the farm is handsome and strongly attracted to Isabelle, who begins to fall in love with him, but he is also married. The way ahead is difficult for both Isabelle and Ethan. Whatever happens in the future for Isabelle you trusted she’d roll up her sleeves and get on with it. The ending is a surprise and quite perfect I thought. Romances often have cliched endings but nothing about Anne Brear’s writing is that.

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Anne Brear has been writing for over ten years and been a reader for a lot longer. A love of historical fiction started at an early age and soon the stories in her head demanded to be heard. While researching for her hobby genealogy, she began to write h

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