New Rihanna! Rude Boy Music Video [video]

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This could be her best yet!  Rihanna just released the music video for her music video Rude Boy and I have to say this is one of her best ever!  Rihanna has gone back to her Caribbean roots…her outfits, her dance moves.  The music video itself feels very Andy Warhol.  In the video Rihanna looks like she is having a good time and even cracks a genuine smile.

Every since her intense break-up and craziness with Chris Brown and her album Rated-R she has been somewhat gloomy.  The Rude Boy video is a breath of fresh air for Rihanna, you can see it throughout the song–which somewhat reminds me of M.I.A.  The song has grown on me and now I cannot get it out of my head!

The Rude Boy music video is also aesthetically pleasing to watch–in true Rihanna fashion it is an art form.

Watch Rihanna’s Rude Boy music video.

What do you think, her best ever?

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