New Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed Feud Rumors Ignite

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Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed go way back. They reportedly hooked up before Kristen Stewart and Rob got together, which ultimately caused bad blood between all three celebrities. There are constant stories of Nikki dissing Robert and Kristen, but each has been chalked up to a case of the media distorting the actual meaning of the words and reading in between lines that do not exist.

Rumors Nikki recently took another dig at Robert are spreading like wildfire. A screenshot of a tweet reportedly sent from Nikki’s Twitter account is at the heart of this ridiculous rumor, “Met a girl at #Coachella who asked me to give a letter to Rob. Um, I will if his bodyguards let me…” The tweet was supposedly sent out by WhoSays, a site that monitors celebrity social networking accounts.

Die-hard Robert Pattinson fans were immediately affronted and retweeted the message, which incited a lot of hate directed at Nikki. A screenshot is pretty much solid evidence in any feud, right? Not quite. Nikki defended herself via Twitter, “I never tweeted that guys. Go to my twitter and whosay page to see my tweets. Anyone can write a tweet with my twitter handle.”

Nikki is absolutely right. Neither shows any evidence she ever tweeted such a message. Although, she could have deleted it, why would she? She clearly wanted to clear the air and further explained herself, “I never write nasty things about people. Especially not my friends or co workers. That was clearly photoshopped.”

What do you think? Is Nikki really airing out her dirty laundry with Robert Pattinson in the public eye? Absolutely not! This latest tweet is the result of somebody hoping to stir up drama.

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