New Season of The Bachelorette – Will you Be Watching?

I'm not a huge reality show fan, and there are very few I will watch.  American Idol is the one I'm most into, but I will watch an occasional Wife Swap or Super Nanny. I'm more a sitcom type girl, in most cases.. or give me a good CSI, Law & Order, Charmed, Women's Murder Club, Ghost get the point.  But, I do usually watch The Bachelor, but I didn't watch it this year, because if conflicted with American Idol and I didn't particularly like the new Batchelor.  So, now we have a new Bachelorette.. DeAnna.. who was one of fhe final girls in the season where a guy named Brad Womack was the Bachelor…he really shocked everyone when he didn't choose ANY of the girls.  He led everyone on and made it seem like he was into the final two and would choose one, then BAM..he dumped them both, and DeAnna was the one I thought he should have chosen.

DeAnna looked gorgeous and they gave her a room full of mostly gorgeous guys.  There were a lot that weren't my type, but definitely some serious eye candy..and quite a few real yahoos..  like the guy who grabbed her hand and put it on his stomach to make her feel his six-pack..and the one at the end of the show who, thankfully, got sent home who was swearing and ripping off his shirt..OMG.  Some of them, it seemed to me, were more concerned with upstaging each other and "winning" over the others or beating them out  than they were with her.  That's what happens when you pit a bunch of guys against each other after a "prize'.. and give them champagne.. testosterone overload.  I don't remember a lot of the names yet.. they're all pretty much a blur..but some of them gave me the creeps, and some of them seemed really sweet.

This season really looks like it's gonna be good!!  The thing that's different when it comes to the Bachelorette compared to the Bachelor is that she is usually a Batchelor show 'reject' , so the guys who show up already "know her".  They've had the chance to learn a whole lot about her and decide they want to try to win her…they have an edge over her..she knows nothing about them.

The setup this season is something new and different.. They put the guys in the guest house in bunk beds, and they move a few up each week into the mansion with DeAnna…this could get interesting.   Judging by the previews, this looks like it's going to be really good. ..lots of drama and romance. 

It definitely could get interesting, so I think I'm gonna be sure to watch…..will you be watching?

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