New Source Slams Catelynn Lowell Pregnancy Rumors

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The season première of Teen Mom aired on MTV last night, and while fans may have to wait until next week to see some more drama, there is plenty of drama online today! Perhaps the biggest breaking story to come out after the première is the rumor that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are expecting a baby.

While the two have yet to speak out about this, the fact that the source gave her full name speaks volumes. However, a new source is coming out and slamming the rumors and, she too, is giving her full name!

Nikkole Paulun starred on 16 & Pregnant the season following Catelynn’s. While a few girls from Nikkole’s season went on to become MTV verified Teen Moms, Nikkole was not one of them. Still she keeps herself relevant by tweeting with her fans on Twitter and dishing dirt on Teen Mom related things. On Wednesday, she took to the social networking site to shoot down the Catelynn Lowell pregnancy rumors.

Nikkole tweeted, “To everyone spreading the rumor that @CatelynnLowell & @TylerBaltierra are pregnant again, this is very untrue. Good day :-)”

A lot of people are wondering what gives Nikkole the right to discredit the rumors. Believe it or not, she is actually from Michigan, just like Catelynn and Tyler and still talks to them. However, just because she is friends with them, it does not necessarily mean she knows the truth. Perhaps the couple did not yet tell Nikkole about the pregnancy. On the other hand, maybe they did and she decided to take it into her own hands to tell the world. Plus, there are a few things that help substantiate Nikkole’s claim.

The timing of the “news” seems odd for two reasons. First, the story broke the day after the Teen Mom season première (obviously, good timing on the tabloids part.) Not only that, but the fact that Carly recently became a big sister help to give the rumor steam. It helps to play into fans emotions and make them believe that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have decided to have a baby.

Do you think Nikkole Paulun really knows the truth?

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