New Stills From Upcoming Dark Knight Movie

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Rare pictures from the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises, show the Batmobile as well as Batman on set. The Batman film will be released in July 2012 and is one of the most speculated about films in production at the moment. As the last film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman film franchise, there are high expectations from the movie, especially following the successful box office releases of the first two.

While previous stills from the Dark Knight’s sets have shown the various characters being shown in the film, allowing enthusiasts to draw inferences about the plotline, the new stills released from the Dark Knight’s shoot show the Batmobile, which had till now, been kept veiled from the public eye.

File:Dark knight rises poster.jpgThe Batmobile is painted camo, although traditionally it has been a black car. Whether this is specific to one shot or the color the automobile will be for the entire duration of the film cannot be determined.

Director, and screenwriter, Chrisopher Nolan, has already released two previous movies in his Batman film franchise, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. This will be the last film in the trilogy, and stars Christian Bale as Batman.

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