New Taylor Lautner Clip Surfaces Ahead of ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ DVD

A new Taylor Lautner clip has surfaced online in anticipation of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD release–and in it he throws a dog bowl at cast mate Nikki Reed. So far most of the revealed clips and behind-the-scenes shots from the DVD have featured romantic scenes with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It’s refreshing to hear Taylor is featured, too, and in one that sounds rather funny.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, although famous in the Twilight series of books, this particular scene never made it on to the big screen.

Taylor LautnerNikki Reed’s character Rosalie Hale made the mistake of offering Jacob Black–Lautner’s character–a hot dog. She figured werewolves must like hot dogs–right? The mistake she made was serving it to him in a metal dog bowl.

After taking a big bite of his wiener, Lautner picked up the heavy dog bowl and flung it at the back of Nikki Reed’s head, in what proves to be a hysterical scene.

This scene was one that was cut from Breaking Dawn Part 1. It seems the hype over Part 2’s DVD release is even bringer older clips out of the proverbial woodwork.

You can check out Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed and their humorous dog bowl scene by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

Do you think this scene would have made a good addition to Breaking Dawn Part 1 or is it clear to you why it was cut instead?

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