New Terry Mcmillan “Waiting to Exhale” Sequel, “Getting to Happy”-Will Whitney Houston Return?

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A Terry Mcmillan “Waiting to Exhale” sequel, “Getting to Happy”, is on its way after 15 long years of anticipation.  The hugely successful first run of her popular book centered on the lives of four women who all struggled to try to find romance and their place in society.  The popular book went on to become a blockbuster film.  But, will Whitney Houston return?  Now, Terry Mcmillan is launching a “Waiting to Exhale”-“Getting to Happy” sequel, even after saying she would not consider it.

“Getting to Happy”, a logical progression

Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” sequel was not supposed to happen, according to the best-selling author and Port Huron native.  It was supposed to serve as a pivotal time in African American history in how the fictionalized lives of characters can serve as a blueprint to the intricacies of the modern-day dilemma, according to Detroit Free Press.  Now, anticipating fans anxiously await “Getting to Happy” the Terry McMillan “Waiting to Exhale” sequel.  They also await word on Whitney Houston’s return.

In Terry McMillan’s original “Waiting to Exhale”, the story revolved around the lives of Savannah, Gloria, Robin and Bernadine, four women who were battling with the nuances of being single, identity crisis’, esteem issues, acceptance, jealously, procrastination, and men.  Perhaps, the latter was the driving force behind the movie, that went on to be a top-seller at the box office in 1995.  Terry McMillian’s “Waiting to Exhale” sequel, 15 years later, is not all rooted in a rosy outlook; the women in “Getting to Happy” are just putting their life’s lessons to the test.

McMillan’s new “Waiting to Exhale” sequel “Getting to Happy”, is more of an evolution of the lives of the four women from the original work. Savannah is a television producer who has a porn-addicted, registered Republican spouse.  Bernadine turns to an addiction to drugs to help her cope with being unemployed and having bad choice in me.  Robin is an insurance executive who is heavily intent on living the single life, while her teenage daughter tries to coax her into dating.  Finally, Gloria appears to be the happiest one, as she is married, owns a salon, her son is a police officer, and she is a grandmother.  But, looks are deceiving.  Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” sequel “Getting to Happy” was created to share the evolution of their lives.

Terry McMillan on “Getting to Happy”, type-setting, and a movie?

Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” sequel, “Getting to Happy” was not planned.  She was hard at work on another book, but the lives of the original “Exhale” characters created a longing for nostalgia.  According to McMillian, it was a logical progression to create a sequel, “Getting to Happy”.

Terry McMillan, according to her website, said that she did not plan on an “Exhale” sequel because she had a fear of not wanting to by type-set as a writer.  African American writers have been somewhat penalized for writing in their own voice, or placated in a certain genre.  She talks about how other authors, not of color, write according to what they know, and in their own style of writing.  Her “Waiting to Exhale” sequel, “Getting to Happy” should be no exception.

“Good fiction and storytelling should be accessible. That’s why we read those authors, we identify with them. They wrote in their own voices. So do I. And I don’t apologize for that,” she says.

Terry McMillian says that her screenplay has been picked up by Fox, and a “Waiting to Exhale” movie, “Getting to Happy” is in the works.  She said that she has talked to all four of the original stars of “Exhale”, Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon.  However, Houston has not given her 100% approval to return to the “Waiting to Exhale” sequel, “Getting to Happy”.

The sassy author of the original “Exhale” novel gave the world an insight into the microcosms of the lives of four Black women who took us through the joys and pains of living.  It was a grandiose hit and example of how modern fiction by African American writers can be accepted into the mainstream of literature.  Will Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” sequel “Getting to Happy” be the panacea of the pivotal joy most are in search of, or will it be another opportunity to breathe, to see how “Stella Got Her Groove Back”?

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