NEW ‘The Last Airbender’ Poster Feats. Jackson Rathbone & Nicola Peltz – STUNNING in 3D!!!

Here is the latest released poster for The Last Airbender movie. It features Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Nicola Peltz as Katara. This poster is stunning and it shows water bending at it’s finest!

The poster also tries it’s best to make the fluid water appear 3D, I for one think they did a pretty good job. I love the way Sokka is tossing his trust boomerang! The poster is dark and multiple shades of blue but it should be because The Last Airbender movie will mainly be able the water tribe and Aang learning how to waterbend or at least that’s what I think it will be about.

The The Last Airbender movie is due in theaters on July 2nd but you can catch up with Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz this Saturday, June 19th at noon for autograph signing at the Mall of America Best Buy Rotunda. For more information on that, CLICK HERE.



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© Amy Saeyang Mattox - June 2010

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