New ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode Titles Sparks Excitement!

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The Vampire Diaries fans are going to have to wait a little longer for new episodes, but in the mean time, they can discuss and speculate about the upcoming episode titles for the second part of season three. So far, viewers saw Stefan ‘betray’ Damon and Elena to save his brother and earn his freedom from Klaus’ compulsion, and in classic The Vampire Diaries style – there was a cliffhanger. With Stefan using that freedom to piss off the super hybrid, Klaus promised he’d go after Stefan and pretty much anyone he ever met. Talk about the element of suspense!

So as reported by Spoiler TV, the titles for the next six Vampire Diaries episodes are as follows: The New Deal, Our Town, The Ties that Bind, Bringing out the Dead, Dangerous Liaison, All My Children, and 1911.

Fans can only speculate about what they all mean. So far, the titles closely relate to what the episode is about. May fans believe that 1911 will especially be interesting because it could be a flashback episode. Maybe viewers will get to see exactly what Mr. Damon Salvatore was doing while Stefan was being a ripper during the turn of the century. It probably wasn’t anything good.

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