New Thundercats Image Revealed – Is It Faithful to 80s Original?

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The new ThunderCats cartoon image has been revealed. The popular 1980s animated series has gotten a 21st century reboot, courtesy of Cartoon Network. One of the writers for the updated version, Todd Casey, shared the new artwork on Twitter, saying:

“ThunderCats (officially) Ho!! #thisistheofficialimageokayguys?”

ThunderCats (officially) Ho!! #thisistheofficialimageokayguys? on Twitpic

The image appears to a worthy update. The new Lion-O appears to be less bulky and more Anime-like than his predecessor, but thatÂ’s not necessarily a bad thing. He still has the same intensity in his eyes as the original model.

Fans are going to have to wait until later this year to catch the rebooted Cartoon Network version of the show. If the newly released graphic is any indication, the show will retain a fair amount of faithfulness to the original. The updated show should appeal to lifelong fans, as well as a fresh new generation of viewers.

What do you think of the redesigned ThunderCats? Are you impressed with the imagery? Or do you think it strays too far from the original?

Image source: Twitpic (click for full-size image)

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