New Tier V Unemployment Extension Petition Close to 7,500 Goal

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Momentum has been picking up for this petition over at promoting a new tier of unemployment benefits for the 99ers – those who have exhausted all available unemployment benefits extensions. There are currently about 7,300 signatures out of the stated goal of 7,500. A Tier V would actually add more emergency benefits for the long-term unemployed as opposed to extend the window of eligibility to file under the current federal extension system.

Just a week ago the petition was hovering around 5,300. Two thousand new names in the past 7 days.

At this rate it looks like the petition will hit its goal tomorrow, right when the Senate resumes its session, continues debate, and is scheduled to hold a cloture vote on a new 30-day unemployment extension.

The question is: Will the Senate listen to all these unemployed petitioners?

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