New ‘True Blood’ Season 4 Footage: Second 3 Minutes of Episode 1

New True Blood season 4 footage has been released. The new clip is the second 3 minutes of the first episode. If you missed it, the first 3 minutes was released last week (click here to view). This new clip picks up where the other one left off and gives more of a view into the fairy world.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicIn the new footage, Sookie sits with her grandfather and catches him up on the Stackhouse family. She tells him in a bit of a lie, that her grandmother “passed peacefully” and tells him that her own parents died in a flood. It seems as if Sookie’s long-lost grandfather is unaware that 20 years has passed since he last saw his granddaughter.

But, just as they were getting cozy in their chat, Sookie realizes that they have fallen for a trap and things in fairy world are not as they seem. There’s a dark and sinister element present and Sookie communicates this to her grandfather through telepathy. But unbeknownst to her, the fairies can read her thoughts too! Sookie uses her power to transport them to another realm just in time.

This scene is a bit of a departure than anything that happened in the book series by Charlaine Harris, so it’s anyone’s best guess on where this story line is going. One thing’s for sure, the fairies aren’t happy with Sookie and she’d better be careful!

Click the video below to watch the second 3 minutes of episode 1 of True Blood season 4! What do you think about this storyline? Share your thoughts below!

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