New ‘True Blood’ Season 4 Trailer ‘Breaking Up Sucks’ Released

Waiting sucks, but a new True Blood season 4 trailer titled “Breaking Up Sucks” has been released, making the wait seem a little less sucky. Spoiler alert! Possible season 4 plot lines will be discussed below! Click below to see the trailer.

HBO is giving viewers a few more hints about what they can expect next season. It appears that Sookie and Bill will break up and remain apart. Sookie has harsh words for Bill saying, “Every time I found out something new about you, I wound up wishing I didn’t know it.”

It seems that there are plenty of shoulders available for Sookie to cry on. The trailer shows that Sookie gets a bit closer with werewolf Alcide, and he doesn’t mind offering up a few hugs to Miss Stackhouse. Sexy vampire Eric Northman wants to stake his claim as well and tells Sookie, “You are mine.” Is this before or after the amnesia sets in?

Viewers will have to wait until the season kicks off on June 26. Do you think Bill, Eric, or Alcide should be Sookie’s love interest in True Blood season 4? Share your thoughts below!

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