New Witness in Lindsay Lohan Nightclub Assault

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Lindsay Lohan may soon find herself back in a courtroom after being accused of assaulting a woman in a nightclub. Lindsay has vehemently denied she hit anybody and even claims she was at home that night and could not have possibly been involved in a fight. The woman who was assaulted went to the media, before the police, which raised concerns about the validity of her claim. But now, there is a witness!

An employee at the Smoke and Mirrors club says he saw the whole thing go down. The accuser, Marisa Dugas, sat near Lindsay’s table. Lindsay and her entourage began throwing ice at Marisa. The beaten woman approached the table, and then a “scuffle” broke out. Lindsay was definitely involved in the little shoving match according to the employee.

He says he actually broke up the brawl. A hysterical Marisa was booted out of the club. Outside, she claimed it was Lindsay Lohan that hurt her, despite the fact, there were several people involved. At the time of the incident, Marisa turned down medical attention.

Apparently, there is video surveillance proving LiLo was at the club, but the hotel is refusing to give it to the police. Weird. Why wouldn’t they want to give it up? This new witness has spoken with police in the ongoing battery investigation. Lindsay Lohan is certainly keeping her attorney’s coffers full with all the trouble, she gets herself into. Will she manage to escape this latest charge or is she looking at another stint in the justice system?

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