New Wonder Woman 2010 Costume Change Causes Controversy – Photo

Wonder Woman has received a brand new drastic change to her outfit. DC Comics has made Wonder Woman more conservative than ever before, changing her swimsuit like star spangled costume into a very covered up “modern” version.

Wonder Woman‘s modern day outfit includes a jacket, some metal glove accessory things, long tight pants and a fully covered tight shirt… gone is all the exposed skin. Only a few stars remain and those are not nearly as prominent as the the ones she had before although she dies still have her golden whip.

It was the 600th issues of Wonder Woman which debuted her new look to mixed reviews from fans who felt she was she was not as patriotic. DC Comics stands by their new depiction but I for one don’t like the drastic change at all.

I realize they are trying to be more “modern” which is laughable since the more modern look is actually (in my opinion) less clothes but that’s just me. What do you think of the new look versus the old look?

Wonder Woman ( Linda Carter)

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