New Woody Allen Mystery Film Starts Production Next Month

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Woody Allen has quite a few film hits under his belt, but he’s gunning for yet another. The difference between his upcoming film, however, and his previous films (such as Annie Hall and Vicky Christina Barcelona) is that this time he’s giving nothing away!

Allen’s latest project will start production in July, but the only thing that anyone knows about it is the title and – as of today – the full cast list, neither of which give any good indication about the plot. If you were hoping for the title to be telltale, think again, unless you can decipher The Bop Decameron to be something other than gibberish!

Woody Allen

As for the cast, Woody Allen himself will be a character, as well as Penelope Cruz and Alec Baldwin. For the younger generation there’ll be standouts as well, including Ellen Page and The Social Network‘s main man, Jesse Eisenberg. With that montage of stars, it wouldn’t be surprising if the film was a Valentine’s Day-esque intertwining of stories. Then again, knowing Woody Allen, that’s just not his style. What do you think the film is going to be about?

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