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Hello fellow gather members. I am sitting here this fine morning just to give you a little insight on where I am from and where I live. I grew up on Long Island New York a wonderful place, full of people, sometimes rude, arrogant, and unruly, but there are millions of people here. I love New York because it's so many people, places and things to do. The shopping is awesome. The restaurants are the best. The pizza is great. Italian food, Jamaican food, Indian food, any kinda food you want. If interested and this is you, you can catch a movie at 3:00 AM or PM.  You can party all night, if this is you. For shgoppers, if this is you you can shop in the AM. The city that never sleeps thats where I am, and loving it. It's always something to do here. But remember if you come bring lots of money because it is truly very expensive. If you want to live here, and you want to rent,  studios go for between $900 -$1200. 2 bedrooms $1200-$1400, I currently am renting a three bedroom and I am paying $1550, and I am in the suburbs, now the city is a whole different ball game.  Rent there is thousands a month. But hey this is New York, just thought I'd give a little insight on where I live. Tell me about your city. 

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