New York Nanny Asked to Sell Her Eggs to Employers for $30,000

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One New York nanny called it quits on her employers after they offered to buy her eggs for $30,000, after having some trouble conceiving a child. The 25-year-old English nanny was earning $100,000 a year working for the couple, and was perfectly willing to do what was asked if reasonable. But this was too much for her and she left to find another job. That was six years ago, and she is just now talking about it, anonymously, because of a NDR that she signed.

Now, some might be upset at the couple in question for asking such a thing, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. After all, people donate eggs all the time for money and if the couple had just asked and were turned down, then the nanny really had nothing to complain about. But, that may not have been what happened. The Big Apple nanny told the Post, “They often act as if they own you.” She left the family shortly after the request.

What might surprise some is how much nannies can make in New York. This particular nanny made $100,000 a year, which many people can only dream about and some salaries have been reported as high as $180,000 plus bonuses and rent allowances. However, most nannies only earn around $10 an hour.

Whether or not the question was appropriate is up for debate. Luckily, the now 31-year-old New York nanny was able to find another job afterward. When it came to job prospects, obviously she didn’t keep all of her eggs in one basket.

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