New York, New Jersey – Super Bowl 48 is coming to the Meadowlands in 2014!!!

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The NFL has decided on the location of the 2014 Super Bowl and the winner is…

…New York/New Jersey!

The final vote was held earlier today between the final three cities; Tampa Bay, Miami and New York, with New York winning the bid.

“If you build it, they will come.” This is the famous line that Kevin Costner kept hearing in the movie “Field of Dreams” and it holds true for New York, regarding the Super Bowl. The New York Giants and the New York Jets share the same stadium and this year they will be opening the brand new $1.6 billion Meadowlands Stadium.

This isn’t your fathers Meadowlands, where such greats as; Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms, Joe Namath, Tiki Barber, Curtis Martin roamed the field. The new Meadowlands Stadium is a monster compared with the old one. It has seating for 82,566 fans, including 10,005 club seats and 218 luxury suites.

The stadium features four 40-by-100-foot scoreboards, one in each corner of the stadium and many amenities, including restaurants, and at least one Hall of Fame.

The biggest question that has surrounded the Meadowlands as the site of Super Bowl 2014 is the fact that a Super Bowl has never been played outdoors in the middle of winter. Sure, Detroit hosted a Super Bowl, but it was held in the Pontiac Silverdome, where weather can’t be a factor for the game itself.

The average temperature during February in the New York/New Jersey area ranges from 24 to 40 degrees, with several inches of rain. The Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears experienced rain in the 2007 Super Bowl held in Miami, but they didn’t have to deal with howling winds or temperatures below 40.

The Super Bowl is a week log event that attracts corporate types, sponsors and many celebrities and sports figures. The NFL has always done a great job of putting on a spectacular show regardless of the venue and the weather in the past.

Being that it is New York and not some other city like Green Bay, the show and festivities will not disappoint. Some of the most famous performers are from the New York/New Jersey region; Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, the Fugees and Whitney Houston, along with the Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Puff Daddy, and many, many more great artists from the region.

New York knows how to throw a party and the NFL knows how to throw a party, mix them together and you have a “Super Bowl A Pollooza” – a weeklong event featuring concerts at Madison Square Garden, Convention Center Events, and who knows, in four years the climate could shift enough to have 72 degrees and sunny for the game.

I think that it is great idea to rotate to all of the cities eventually and I would even consider hosting a Super Bowl in Las Vegas. I know there isn’t a professional team in Las Vegas, but they would be able to provide absolutely everything else for an optimum fan experience.

Certain teams probably will never be considered for a lack of infrastructure in the city. Many of the older football team’s stadiums and towns just wouldn’t be able to accommodate what the Super Bowl has become.

I wish New York well as they move forward with this endeavor. My decision for where I will be watching the game was made well in advance and it will be on the comfort of my couch.

How cool would it be if the hosting city had both of their teams playing well enough to be in the Super Bowl? Could you imagine, the Giants versus the Jets in the Meadowlands, for the 2014 Super Bowl Trophy? I am certain that a feat of that nature has never happened before.

All of this will be debated about playing outdoors in the cold, the fan experience, the fans that can afford the experience,

I think it will be a nice refreshing change and as we all know, a lot can happen between now and then.


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