News – CNN/Money releases the Top 100 cities

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fileId:3096224744277425;size:full;Did your town make the top 100 places to live?

 Click here for the CNN/Money Top 100 list

CNN/Money used the following criteria to determine the best cities:

  • Affordable housing based on median home price.
  • Plentiful leisure activities based on number of: sports, concert and family/arts events within 15 miles, movie theaters within 15 miles, restaurants within 15 miles
  • Plentiful cultural options based on number of: museums in 30 miles, arts theaters in the city,  orchestras within 30 miles, and family arts events within 15 miles. 
  • Job growth is based on 2000-2006 % growth.
  • Low crime rate is based on violent crime incidences, including robbery and assault, percentages. 
  • Sunny weather based on number of clear days in the area per year.
  • Short commute time based on median commute in minutes.
  • Good health-care access based on number of teaching hospitals in the area.

fileId:3096224744277428;size:inter;The winner:  Middleton, WI, for its small-town charm; booming economy; and extensive parks and bike trails.

What do you think of the magazines rating criteria? 

Of the top 10, which town do you like and why?

Do you think your town deserves to be in the top 100?

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