Newsweek’s Michele Bachmann Cover Makes Her Look Insane

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Newsweek gave Michele Bachmann the cover for the August 15th issue, but they didn’t use a very flattering picture. In fact, a close look at the photo shows that Bachmann can be a little crazy looking. Why would they use a photo like that and did she give her approval?

The Minnesota Congresswoman announced her candidacy for president, challenging Obama’s re-election plans, way back in June. Since then she’s become a poster girl for politicians who don’t necessarily think through what comes out of their mouths. And she may need to hire a new fact checker. But she isn’t insane, right?

If she did approve this photo though, that point may have to come under debate. Making errors about John Wayne’s birthplace, the founding fathers and whether New Hampshire is part of Massachusetts is just part of the scrutiny any presidential candidate comes under. But Newsweek seems to have gone a bit too far this time. The Michele Bachmann cover labels her “The Queen of Rage.” What is she so enraged about?

The question really is, would Newsweek use a picture like this for a male candidate? It’s weird. Almost… insane?

Newsweek's Michele Bachmann CoverImage courtesy of Buzz Feed

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