Newt Gingrich Talks Cellulosic Biofuel in New Hampshire (Video)

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in on cellulosic biofuels yesterday during his latest trip to New Hampshire.

“Well, I think there are new technologies that allow you to use corn stalks and corn husks and other things. I am in favor of developing some biofuels and I think it can be done in a way that doesnÂ’t affect the cost of food at all,” Gingrich told local radio talk show host Al Kulas after delivering a speech at the Keene Country Club on Monday. This was his third trip to the Granite State in just three weeks, according to the Boston Globe.

Unlike corn-based ethanol, cellulosic biofuels are made from non-crop plant matter. Mass producing the stuff won’t cause food prices to skyrocket, at least in theory, putting to rest a fear that has plagued the industry for years now

It is refreshing to see Newt Gingrich move beyond the “Drill baby drill” rhetoric of the Republican Party and embrace non-partisan solutions to the nation’s energy crisis. Newt’s words yesterday echoed President Obama’s own call for  “biofuels made from things like switchgrass and wood chips and biomass.” Let’s hope other Republican presidential hopefuls follow his lead.

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Video of Newt Gingrich talking biofuels in New Hampshire (fast forward to 4:00 mark)

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