Newt Gingrich wants in vitro clinics scrutinized closely

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Newt Gingrich proposes a commission to study what he terms as “ethical issues” at in vitro fertilization clinics. While the hopeful GOP candidate doesn’t elaborate on why there’s a need for a study of the ethics at these clinics, he does happen to be on the campaign trail, pandering desperately to catch up to Mitt Romney – and since he was near a church – mixing a bit of undeserved, illogical guilt in with his positions as a candidate seemed a good idea too.

In an Associated Press report released today, the former Speaker of the House proposes an expansion of the role of the federal government in monitoring in vitro clinics since these types of clinics are known to create more embryos than any one patient may need at any one time. What he means to say is it’s his aim to stand in the way of embryonic stem cell research because his personal religious beliefs tell him to – and to hell with medical science and humanity in general. Who needs medicine or science when we have God, right?

Hard-core right-wing Republicans may express support for closer government monitoring of in vitro fertilization clinics, since modern American Republicans strongly support the idea of government staying out of the lives of individual citizens, except in the case of (fill-in-the-blank). No word yet on when, or if, Newt Gingrich will be back in touch with reality.

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