Newton’s Sandy Hook Shooting Inspires Song by Musical Theatre Heavyweight Jason Robert Brown

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Newton, Connecticut has become small town that’s all over the news this week, thanks to the terrible tragedy perpetrated just a few days ago that left 27 dead, most of them under the age of eight. Jason Robert Brown, widely regarded as a musical theatre genius (whose well-known works include Parade, The Last 5 Years and Thirteen), has drafted a very simple song for those who passed away. The soothing melody’s lyrics state the names of each of the victims, and a small line about the community keeping their arms open. The song can be found here.

While this tribute is certainly moving, and no doubt the families appreciate it, it is curious that Adam Lanza’s mother was left out because she was the mother of the perpetrator. The Lanza family is suffering as well during this time, and she deserves to be honored as one of the victims; she lost her life that day as well.

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