Newtown Hoax Professor James Tracy Harassed

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James Tracy, the Florida Atlantic University instructor who questioned the official line from the Newtown massacre, is being demonized by the establishment media who want to shut him up.

Tracy, an FAU tenured professor, was interviewed a couple of days ago about the Adam Lanza shooting last month in Sandy Hook, CT.

“I think that as an academic, I think this is also the case with regard to journalists, they fear being called a conspiracy theorist. That is the pejorative being used against me, to make an example out of me, to threaten my job, to get me to keep quiet, to not ask questions,” the FAU instructor stated during the interview.

Everyone knows there is something fishy about the media coverage of the Newtown shooting. Why else would the YouTube documentary, Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed, garner a mind-boggling 11 million page views in a week? Any person who is curious about the Adam Lanza rampage is a paranoid nutter? Of course not!

That doesn’t necessarily mean the massacre didn’t happen. It could very well be, that certain aspects of the tragedy have been embellished, or other details conveniently omitted from the official police time line. There is no question whatsoever, that the press has used this awful slaughter in Newtown, CT, to advance their political agenda of disarming law-abiding Americans. The establishment journalists refuse to ask, whether there were any closed circuit cameras inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. If so, that footage would silence all the wild conspiracy talk, once and for all.

Academics like James Tracy should be allowed to voice their opinions, as long as they are being respectful of the victims, without the fear of being sacked from their jobs.

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