Newtown Shooting Latest: Choir Director Fired from School System

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There is more controversy in the wake of the Adam Lanza shooting in Newtown, CT.

It turns out voice coach Sabrina Post was sacked from the community’s high school eight years ago for stealing thousands of dollars. Post now owns a local arts studio, and recorded a tribute song with her students (not the same kids that performed at the Super Bowl).

Some of the people who live in the community are apparently ticked off that this woman is capitalizing on their tragedy, but they should just calm down. After all, the proceeds from Post’s song are being donated to charity. It’s all for a good cause, and she’s not pocketing the cash herself. So what if she promotes her own business in the process? Newtown came into the national spotlight two months ago, when deranged gunman Adam Lanza massacred 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

While the group from the Super Bowl was comprised only of Sandy Hook pupils, Post’s choir includes children from her private voice school. Her group was scheduled to appear at the Grammys, but she was told to say home, when organizers of the show learned of her firing.

Look, there are many people are taking advantage of the horrible Newtown tragedy. Liberal gun control advocates immediately seized on this event, in order to take away Americans’ Second Amendment Rights. Compared to them, what Post is doing isn’t so bad after all, right?

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