NFL: Golden Tate caught trespassing at donut shop

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Golden TateNow what was this man thinking stealing maple bars from a donut shop!

Seattle Seahawks Golden Tate and a friend were caught in Top Pot donut shot around 3am last Saturday.

Tate claimed that the plan was to run in and grab some maple bars that he admits have become quite addictive.

“They’re irresistible” Tate said

Tate admitted that his actions were foolish but recommended Top Pot for maple bars.

Tate said that his friend mistakenly went into the donut shop and grabbed a couple of maple bars.

“He came out, we ate them”. Tate said.

Tate was very apologetic for his actions. He apologized to the team, the coaches and Top Pot, hoping that the issue is over with and everyone can move on.

But SeaHawks coach Pete Carroll wasn’t happy with Tate’s actions. He said he wasn’t mad at Tate for satisfying his sweet tooth being that the maple bars are so good, but he did say what Tate did was wrong and is has been addressed.

“I do understand the allure of the maple bars.” Carroll said.

Okay now wait a minute this man said he his friend made a mistake but how was it a mistake if it was planned, hmmmmm!

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