NFL Rumors – Hottest Off-Season News and Speculation Around the League

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With the start of the NFL off-season training camps opening this next week, several rumors are circulating around social media. Here is a closer look at those story lines around football as teams look to add their recent rookie additions into the mix.

Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos into the playoffs last season and now he could become a player on special teams? The latest from the NY Jets have the quarterback possibly moving into a role as a kick returner, a strange move, but the NY jets are not a conventional team.

The New Orleans Saints off-season has seen the team lose their coach for the upcoming football season and if that was not bad enough, the front office and star quarterback Drew Brees still have not come together on a new contract. The chances are slim that the two sides won’t come together before the start of the season, but rumors have hit social media and a holdout by the veteran is still a possibility.

Pittsburgh fired offensive coordinator Bruce Arians after the team lost to the Denver Broncos in last years playoffs, but the move has confused fans and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers suggested that the team would go back to smash-mouth football, but off-season meetings and reports have the team looking to add a no-huddle offense, making the change that much more confusing. Having your star quarterback questioning moves is never a good move and it could carry over to the regular season, making the locker room in Pittsburgh a very uncomfortable place if the team begins next season on a bad note.

The NFL is like a machine that never stops and that has made football the top-rated sport in America. These rumors are of course media charged to get ratings and views, but the merit behind these stories could create friction in New Orleans and Pittsburgh, something these teams don’t need heading into the 2012-13 season.

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