NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow Headed to Russia?

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The Tim Tebow saga keeps getting stranger as the former quarterback is still looking for work, despite numerous offers from teams outside the NFL making offers.

Tebow has stated he wants to fulfill his dream of starting in the league, but he may have to take an unconventional route to make it back, including playing football in Russia. The 26-year-old has been offered $1 million to play just two games for the Moscow Black Storm and team owner Mikhail Zaltsman has talked personally with the former first round pick on the possibility.

Playing in a league nobody has heard about is not likely the best option for the former Heisman Trophy winner, but he would make more money than a trip to Canada or the Arena League.

Tebow has reportedly told the CFL he has no interest in playing for Montreal as the Alouettes own the rights to him, but this past week he was also offered a deal by the LA KISS, a new Arena League franchise that begins play next season and is owned by two members of the rock band KISS, but the response from Tebow and his people aren’t positive, despite the fact he would learn to play in an offense designed around the pass and help him quicken is release, something most NFL experts agree he needs.

It’s been an interesting month since his release from the New England Patriots, but if Tebow is interested in playing football again, the offers are there, he just needs to make a decision on what the next step in his life will be and get the ball rolling.

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