NHL Trade Rumors—Teemu Selanne to Winnipeg Jets?

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It is not often that a 41-year-old player could help an NHL team, but Teemu Selanne is an exception. The Anaheim Ducks are going nowhere this season and it looks like changes are coming. The team needs to start the rebuilding process and there are several players on the team that could help other clubs in the race for a playoff spot.

The Jets are in contention in the Eastern Conference, but the team could use another offensive player and some leadership for its younger players. Selanne is still a threat on the offensive end and is a fan favorite in Winnipeg, making this a deal that could help both teams.

The veteran winger started his career as a Jet back in 1992, and though he has seen his best days behind him, Selanne has averaged one point per game over the last year and a half and could make the Jets a playoff team in 2012.

The NHL trade deadline is approaching and several teams will make moves over the next few weeks and Winnipeg needs to be one of them. The team has played well in its first year back in Canada and making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs would create a buzz for the team and its fans.

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