Niall Horan: Demi Lovato Is ‘Beautiful’

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Whether Niall Horan and Demi Lovato are dating or not may actually be a moot point. If they aren’t, Niall sure isn’t hiding what he thinks about Demi albeit being a bit superficial.

In a recent interview, Niall was quite forward about what he thinks about Demi Lovato… though he didn’t quite admit to there being anything serious going on between the two singers.

“The nice thing about Demi is, once you know her, she’s really, really beautiful,” claimed Niall Horan in a recent interview. The odd thing here is Niall saying “once you know her.” Hey Niall, is Demi “really, really ugly” before you get to know her?

The One Direction singer was quick to change the subject from just outer beauty to inner beauty. “We became good friends. It’s so crazy that she can be so honest about everything she’s gone through. She has a fantastic attitude.”

Wow, that is kind of sweet coming from Niall. Both he and Demi Lovato claim to just be friends… the two have only met briefly though they reportedly have frequent Skype dates.

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