Niall Horan Disgusted by Holly Scally Death Rumors

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Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and the rest of the One Direction guys have had it tough when it comes to being bullied. The guys certainly have millions of fans who love and support them but it’s the bad eggs in the bunch who tend to make things really tough for them.

Recently, some people started an internet rumor File:Niall Horan.jpgthat Horan’s ex-girlfriend, Holly Scally, had died. This reportedly really upset Horan, an insider revealing, “Niall won’t be happy to hear how far some of these fans have gone with someone who knew him before all of this. This is just some sick hoax—Holly is absolutely fine. She went out with Niall for a while years ago but now has girls giving her abuse online every day of the week” (via Irish Central).

Naturally being famous isn’t all fun and games. Niall Horan and the other guys have definitely been targeted negatively over the past several months and some of the rumors are simply ridiculous. The guys are young and it’s very easy for them to let this stuff get under their skin but they have to be tough. This business requires that you have thick skin… and what better way to get thick skin than by dealing with these rumors and being challenged to overcome the bad. One Direction will get through it… they just need to keep their chins up and stick together.

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