Niall Horan Embarrassed by His Old Bebo Account

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Niall Horan’s old Bebo account has been dug up by Directioners, and apparently the singer is pretty embarrassed by what they found.

But fans weren’t the only ones who took a look at it – his One Direction band mate Harry Styles also checked it out, and he had a good laugh at Niall’s old email address. Here’s what he tweeted to his pal:

“@NiallOfficial is your email still”

Poor Niall responded to comments about the page from Harry and his fans by tweeting this:

“Hahaha my old bebo page, dont even know the password for that anymore! My cousin claire came up with the stupid name”

“I was young and naive!….that bebo page is hilarious! some great memories in the pictures though ey?”

Niall Horan has nothing to be ashamed of – there’s really nothing that embarrassing on the page that he created in 2007. In fact, fans will probably just see it as a good thing since it gives them a glimpse into what Niall’s life was like before he became famous.

On the Bebo page, there are a few references to his ex Holly Scally and some photos of her. He lists Chris Brown and Rihanna as some of his favorite artists, and “bein kicked and punched in the balls” as one of his biggest fears (he better stay away from Harry Styles then).

Niall’s Irishness definitely shows, especially when he writes about football. Here’s what he wrote about being a fan of Derby County: “wen i get a job im buyin a season ticket down in south east corner!!the best…..btw we hate forest!!! f***in scummy wankers from trent side.” Hopefully Niall bought himself those season tickets now that he’s got a job.

Harry will love that Niall lists cats as his favorite animal, and he writes that Grease is his favorite movie. He doesn’t have a favorite book, however – he writes that he’s dyslexic instead of listing a title.

Under “careers in mind,” he wrote this: “to work in some way in america.” He definitely made that dream come true.

One of the most interesting things about Niall Horan’s Bebo page is that he says that he doesn’t believe in God – who knew that Niall was an atheist?

The discovery of his old account shows just how different fame is today than it used to be – now that social networking sites exist, it’s kind of hard for celebrities to hide their pasts. But luckily for Niall, he really doesn’t have anything to worry about hiding.

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