Niall Horan Endures Peer Pressure from Louis Tomlinson to Get a Tattoo

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Niall Horan is the only member of One Direction who doesn’t have a screw tattoo, and Louis Tomlinson is pressuring him to get one. However, Niall may never get inked after his traumatic experience at a tattoo parlor.

According to Entertainmentwise, here’s what Louis tweeted about getting his new tattoo with Liam Payne:

“So Me and Liam joined the crew yesterday and got two screw tattoo’s on our ankles, now we all have it except Niall! Come on NiallOfficial.”

So what’s the meaning behind the screw tattoos?

Some Directioners on Twitter have speculated that it could be the boys’ way of saying “Screw you” to their management. This might be one of the reasons why Niall Horan doesn’t want to get the tat – perhaps he’s just too nice to get something so negative inked on his body. Or maybe the guys all see themselves as being big screwballs. And there’s always the possibility that One Direction’s screw tattoos have a cheeky sexual meaning.

Whatever the case may be, there’s another reason that Niall might decide against getting inked. The Irish singer recently revealed that he tried to get a tattoo on his butt, but the poor guy was told that his rear was too “squidgy.” So since he got his self-esteem smashed to bits during his last visit to a tattoo parlor, it’s not surprising that he’s wary of the establishments.

However, if he got his screw tattoo on his ankle like Liam and Louis, surely he wouldn’t have to worry about his skin there being too “squidgy.”

So what do you think – should Niall give in and get inked like the rest of his band mates, or should he refuse to give in to peer pressure?

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