Niall Horan Gets Attacked by a Squirrel and Harry Styles Talks Zayn’s Good Looks

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Niall Horan recently tweeted that he has to have knee surgery after getting hurt during a game of basketball, but now the One Direction singer has revealed the real reason for his injury.

According to the Daily Star, here’s what he said during an appearance on the Capital Breakfast Show with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon:

“Yeah a squirrel attacked me. So, I got attacked by a squirrel in Battersea Park. They’re dangerous. It’s rare.”

Hopefully the squirrel that attacked him during his basketball game wasn’t rabid—it would be awful for Niall to have to worry about rabies on top of undergoing surgery on his knee.

This wouldn’t be the first time a member of One Direction has had an awkward encounter with a cute and cuddly critter—Liam Payne had some fans worried that he caught Chlamydia from a koala after the furry fiend urinated on him (apparently the marsupials are known to carry the disease).

The squirrel that attacked Niall Horan really messed him up bad—it’s pretty “nuts” that such a small creature could cause the singer to end up on crutches with torn ligaments and a floating kneecap. Who knew that squirrels played such dirty basketball? Now Niall will never be able to slam-dunk, and Directioners won’t get to see him perform his famous jumps anymore.

During One Direction’s interview, it would have been nice for Harry Styles to try to make Niall feel better by calling the Irish singer the hottest member of the band, but instead he decided to gush about how good-looking Zayn Malik is. Here’s what Hazza said about Zayn:

“I think the most typically good-looking guy is Zayn, with the cheekbones and the jaw.”

But what about Niall’s blue eyes and squirrel-like cheeks? Zayn Malik probably couldn’t carry as many nuts in his mouth.

It’s just a shame that poor Niall doesn’t have his crush Demi Lovato around to nurse him back to health and to protect him from other ruthless rodents.

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